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Resist, resist, resist all new techno-trends, then cave. My mantra of progress.

Welcome to my self-indulgent blog.

I’m writing a dissertation, have been for years, hence the need to procrastinate.  I have  just left a full-time position to focus on writing so I can finish this thing – which I predict means a flowering of the blog.

As well as the sundry and various creative expressions that to into it.  I look after a small menagerie of furry creatures, along with some vegetables.   I love to cook, to invent and perfect recipes, and you may detect a slight obsession with knitting.  Some of these things Mr. Merp & I do together, some are just me. From time to time I sneak in some of the stuff just he does, and he may occasionally guest star.

On the home page, you can sort through my posts using the “Categories” pull-down menu on the right. If you click on the individual category links at the top of each blog posts, you will pull up every other wordpress blog with posts on, say, knitting – not just mine.


Last updated October 17, 2009.



1. Cheeky V (aka Heidi) - June 18, 2006

Great blog! (I like exclamation points too!) I’m having some excellent dharma adventures here in Salt Lake and wanted to start a blog. Are you happy with this site? Thanks!

2. merp - June 18, 2006

Thanks! Yeah, I’ve basically been pleased with wordpress. I have a blog on blogspot, too, and wordpress is much better–more features, easier to use. I do get some glitches in uploading photos sometimes, but they always go away. Looking forward to your blog!

3. Lisa - August 29, 2007

Tanya, thanks for your comment on CT and for letting me know that the co-op carries Stan’s meats/poultry. I haven’t been to the co-op for years; back when I was active, meat would definitely NOT have been for sale there!

4. Tim Gorton - August 4, 2008

Thanks for the mapu dofu recipe, going to try it now! Kind regards


5. Captain - August 9, 2008

From reading your text above, I gather Aaron is the little fellow in the photo. Cute. A real foodie, is he?

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