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About Pisco!

Pisco! must always be followed by an exclamation point. In address, at least. Not necessarily midsentence.

Pisco at 9 weeks:

He seems to be a keeshondakita mix. At any rate, he’s certainly a spitz type. He and his littermates – all of whom looked very keeshondish and not much like him – were found abandoned by the side of the road stuck in a mudpuddle. They ended up at Magnificent Mutts Rescue in the Chicago suburbs (awesome little rescue org), where we adopted him on January 12, 2006.

We estimate he was born November 17, 2005.

He is the cutest puppy in the world (duh), and really, really smart. And Mr. Alpha Alpha (middle name: Alpha). Favorite hobbies: biting, chewing, biting, and biting. It’s going to be a long year.

Check in for adventures in raising an alpha puppy! By shockingly inexperienced dog-owners!

(What is Pisco?)

Update: July 7, 2007

Here he is at 18 mos. He’s good looking…






Super-smart... loves to party…but mostly mellow…and he’s highly educated.

That said, he’s also a self-serving asshole with a shit-eating grin who wants to be in control of every situation. We’ve heard that other dogs live to serve their masters. We don’t have one of those dogs.

Hobbies include catching balls (sticks and frisbees also acceptable in a pinch) – and, yes, bringing them back to be thrown again! (Hallelujah.)


Sprinting back and forthsniffing things


Chewing things up…including especially random inedible objects found on the floor or on low coffee tables (straightpins, ac adapter cords, bits of yarn, his own hair, plastic wrappers – the textures, the flavors!)

And while he no longer technically bites, pretending to bite is still one of his favorite passtimes. Most especially guests. pisco_bitesguest.jpg

As for breed, he’s obviously (due to his size) no-part shiba inu, as we initially suspected, and while his personality and looks strongly suggest akita background, those floppy ears tell another story. He’s a mutt. An Asian-ancestry mutt.

To browse the full Pisco story, click on the “pisco” tag, under “categories” on the right side of this blog. (If you click on “pisco” in the header of a particular post, it will bring up all the “pisco” posts on all of wordpress. Which is pretty much just our Pisco.)

We’ve heard rumors that dogs calm down and become Good Dogs at 3. We are counting the days.



1. Alice - July 8, 2007

When listing all that he’s consumed from the coffee table, don’t forget the all-metal expansion band from my watch!

2. Justin - February 9, 2008

I would suspect that he is a jindo mix. they are like shibas but a bit bigger.

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