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A scarf for ME! November 3, 2006

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

Finally completed!


Pattern: Lace is taken from “Cozy” by Danielle Schonnover, who calls it “feather pattern.” To my surprise, the scarf is both feathery (as in, I will snag it soon) and cozy (yep, even laceweight wool is wool).

Yarn: handpaintedyarn.com laceweight (one skein), color: marron, knit w/2 strands together

Needles: 2s or 3s, I forget

Gauge: Small! Took forever!

Size: About 80″ long, and 6″ wide at one end, 7″ wide at the other (I, uh, seem to have added some stitches…)

The Knitting of It: Very satisfying, if interminable. I made the shawl version last fall, only my second attempt at lace. It took me so long to get the hang of it, I vowed to make the pattern again somehow, to use that hard-won skill. Sure enough, this time it was really easy.

Place in my life: Essential! I only have 2 working scarfs right now: a very cheap rainbow-colored, machine-made alpaca scarf I bought in Peru, and a very lightweight, raw-silk, woven scarf a friend bought me in Thailand. Both are showing their age and, you know, what to wear when it’s cold and I want to look nice?


Casual elegance is what we’re going for here.

Of course, this is a fall scarf, and although it is technically fall, it’s been feeling like winter lately (22 degrees F last night!). So, next up, a wool cabled scarf. After a half-dozen other projects on the burner, that is.


Penobscott scarf September 22, 2006

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My completed Penobscott scarf:

penobscott scarf

A simple lace scarf, easy and fun to knit, about 5 feet long, given to a friend for her birthday.

penobscott backlit

Yarn used: 2 skeins Classic Elite Miracle (50% alpaca, 50% tencel) in color “Lady Slipper” (aka mauve). Yarn looks and feels great. It’s pretty splitty to knit with, though.

Time to completion: 1 or 2 weeks to knit, almost 2 weeks to get around to blocking it.

penobscott lace

Update on the “cozy” scarf for me:

cozy scarf

It’s not as long as it looks in this photo–still under 3 feet. Hoping I have enough yarn to knit 6 feet.

Amazing Lace-along: The Intro June 3, 2006

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[This is a post for Challenge #1 of the Amazing Lace blog-based knitalong thingy]

Meet the PipeDreamTeam!

Our team is a haphazard collection of idle daydreams for fidgety fingers, each project an exciting distraction from the previous one.

Here’s what I’ve started, actually, with yarn and needles:

+Boobholder cardigan (see below), with some quasi-lacy elements.

+Mystery project, small, to be a gift for someone reading this blog. Classic lace.

Here’s what I have yarn for and may eventually start:

+Narrow neck scarf in the lace pattern from Cozy (I made a full-sized Cozy wrap last fall):


…in handpaintedyarn.com’s marron oscuro laceweight (it’s a little redder than this):

Here’s what I dream of starting:


Icarus shawl, because I really want something elegant to wear over that little black dress I’m supposed to have but don’t, or that long dress I wore to Anne’s wedding when I go out to a concert or wedding or whatever. And because, well, look at it.

I think it would be in one of these two yarns.
Handpaintedyarn laceweight wool in pearl (the better color):

Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in smoke (the better fiber):


Prairie Tunic, yarn totally undecided, not even color.

Also want to make, at some point:
+Dayflower scarf, possibly in handpaintedyarn laceweight, olive:


+Tiger-eye scarf in Knitpicks Andean Treasure, ember

Needless to say, victory is uncertain and the summer is short. A new full-time job and an ongoing dissertation will seriously jeopardize our chances of success.