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Short, sweet, but not quick November 8, 2009

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

One more project from my blog-free days to share with you:

Shetland Shorty, full

Pattern: Shetland Shorty by Gudrun Johnston

Yarn: Jojoland Quartette (20% cashmere, 80% merino wool)

Ravlink: merp’s Shetland Shorty

Time to finish: Oh, I don’t know, 15 months?  Like, a year and a quarter?? Worked in the last ends in late September. (On the plus side, it didn’t need to be blocked.)

I started this on a whim, thinking it would be a quick way to use up some stash yarn I hadn’t found a good project for, thinking it a somewhat unlikely garment, but really cute, so why not?  Since it would be so quick.

It took for.ev.er.

Here it is last summer, after a couple months of twiddling with it:

Shetland Shorty half done

Of course, it’s not like I plowed through with intensity of purpose or anything.  I found the stitch pattern fiddly and tedious – boring, yet I couldn’t quite knit on automatic, or bad things would happen. So I kept losing interest.

Also, I did the lace wrong.

Shetland Shorty close-up

I think the way I ended up doing the lace looks fine, but I’m pretty sure it’s not as written.  Something about the way I knit – apparently it’s called “combination knitting” – was very inconvenient to this lace pattern, and I ended up having to purl awkwardly in a way that’s upside-down to me (apparently, this would be “continental”).

Which is not at all to criticize the pattern.  I love Gudrun’s style, and her design and writing were both detailed and well thought out.  Though you wouldn’t necessarily notice it at first glance, the garter-stitch bands and ties are carefully shaped with invisible short rows, and everything works together beautifully.

Will I wear it?  Well, I still think it’s a cute design, even though it’s a little like wearing a bra on the outside.  It does add just a touch of warmth that will probably be nice to have over a sundress or camisole next summer.  And I love the yarn as much as when I first bought it on ebay on impulse.

So I’m basically happy to have it, but recommend the pattern reservedly, only to those with more patience –  or speed – than I.

Shetland Shorty mid

(Sorry for the lack of variety in poses.  It is hard to photograph yourself decently. Or indecently, for that matter, but I wasn’t going for that.)



1. Emilee - November 8, 2009

It’s really cute! Kudos to you for plowing through and getting it finished.

2. Leah - November 8, 2009

Very cute. You AND the shawl? scarf?

3. merp - November 8, 2009

Thanks! Let’s call it a shrug. Or a little tiny vest?

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