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Knitting out my frustrations October 17, 2009

Posted by merp in Champaign-Urbana, FOs, Knitting, Life.

Pattern: Loppem, by Norah Gaughan

Yarn: Sierra Aran, in blueberry – part of it frogged from my old linebacker shrug (which was fun to construct, but didn’t suit me; I never wore it)

Needles: #8

Ravlink: Blueberry Loppem

Satisfaction: Pretty good.  It was more about the process than the product.

Although I cast on for this in early summer – just committing to something new for the heck of it, you know, since I had so little to keep me occupied – I didn’t really get going on it till coming back to Illinois from North Carolina at the end of the summer.

Unable to effect the closing on our house (though I could and did affect it, I suppose); unable to wrap things up at work the way I wanted, unable to settle into our new life together because I wasn’t even there, I became mildly obsessed with this project because, goddammit, at least I could complete a sweater!

I finished it quite quickly through manic knitting over episodes of Veronica Mars and Kitchen Confidential.  It’s an elegantly simple pattern and easy to knit fast – too easy, probably, since I made a couple of glaring errors in the cable, and just went on ahead and left them in.  Oh well.

I still need to find 2 buttons for it, but just wore it with a safety-pin-like brooch today.  The button band does not quite line up to my satisfaction – in order for the neckline to lay flat and the front panels not to flare out too much, the button bands have to overlap at an angle.  So I’m thinking that using mismatched buttons might help somewhat with this?  Or just leaving that top button open, as it is here, could work.

(I added the triple-twist to the top of the cable just so it would come out right – otherwise the cable panel would have ended halfway up one of those O’s.  I like how it turned out.)

It’s a totally new style of cardigan for me, short-sleeved and almost cape-like, and I haven’t been entirely sure I’d like it.  But I wore it all day today (was actually a little too chilly for it).

I think it’s kind of cute.

P.S. Forgot to mention – funny story!  I stopped by Klose Knit one afternoon while knitting this, and sat to knit and chat awhile with westknits (he has a first name, and it’s Stephen, but it’s hard not to think of people by their blog/ravelry name, if that’s where you encounter them first) and another knitter there, Becki (who I met first that day, in person, and subsequently have been very confused about her identity online).

We got around to the “oh, what are you knitting” part, and Becki and I held up our projects – to find that we were both knitting Loppem, and were at almost the same point in the project!  She finished a lot sooner, though – here’s her version, of the sweater and the story.



1. Leah - October 18, 2009

It’s very cute, and I’m glad you’re posting pictures of knitting again. All’s right with the world.

2. Mickey - October 19, 2009

What kind of buttons are you thinking of? I have quite the collection going, and will happily gift you with a couple…

3. merp - October 19, 2009

So glad to know I balance your universe, Leah.

And thanks, Mickey! I might take you up on that….

4. Mickey - October 20, 2009

Just drop me an email with size and preferred colors, and I’ll see what I can do.

5. Brigids Knits - October 21, 2009

Woot! First ping for the new blog! Thanks “Merp”.

I hope my online personality and my in-person personality mesh well enough!

6. thea - October 23, 2009

This is gorgeous! I love it in the blue and it fits you great….

7. vml - February 18, 2010

very cute, i love the wide collar and it really looks great on you! and such a beautiful color!

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