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What We Did This Summer October 14, 2009

Posted by merp in FOs, Life, Travel.

It’s been three months of marriage, moving, and mayhem since I last wrote here.  But Mr. Merp and I are finally back in the same house together, after nearly 2 months apart, and life is settling into a new groove.

First: Mr. Merp got a job offer – two, actually – and he took the one in Durham, North Carolina.  That was back in June.

Second: A couple weeks later, we got married!


We spent an intense, joyful, wonderful week in Washington State with friends and family from all over the world.

The shawl performed perfectly (obligatory knitter’s pose):
Wedding shawl pose

Third: Almost as soon as we got back to Illinois, we signed a contract to sell the house.  It was more than two stressful, exorbitantly expensive months later before we were finally able to close, however.  Fannie Mae is the devil.

Goodbye, little house!

Fourth: Two weeks after a whirlwind weekend trip to find a place to live in Durham, we moved there at the beginning of August.  Man, dog, cats, furniture, pots and pans.  And sort of me.  Anyhow, I was there, drafting the truck in our little Prius (one tank of gas, IL –> NC!).

penske heading south

Fifth: Mr. Merp flew back to Illinois for a few days and got his Ph.D. in physics.  (Just like that, piece of cake.  I don’t know why everybody doesn’t get one.)

Sixth: I flew back to Illinois for several weeks.  Increasingly unpleasant job and house responsibilities.  It was pretty rough, actually.  I got through it with support from my amazing friends, and lots of compulsive knitting.

Seventh: I finally left my job at the beginning of October and came back to North Carolina.  I’m FREE!  Free to spend the next several months writing furiously and sweating blood to finish my long- (and I do mean long-) anticipated Ph.D.

But first (eighth), a camping trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains:

All this is by way of apologizing for neglecting this blog for so long.

I’m back!

Bellingham Bay

Thanks to Jen for the beautiful photography!



1. stacy - October 14, 2009

Beautiful photos! Beautiful bride! Congratulations again!

2. Kristen - October 14, 2009

Congratulations! You make a beautiful bride, and despite all the stress, it sounds like things are going well.

3. Leah - October 15, 2009

I’m so glad that it’s all over and life is settling down for you and Mr. Merp. Thanks for the pics…they’re lovely. What a nice weekend that was.

I’ve been wondering how you’re doing…update your contact info with me, yes?

And that picture of the mountains is amazing!

4. Brigids Knits - October 15, 2009

Well, you certainly have been busy! My excuses for neglecting my blog are never as legitimate… 😛

5. Heejin - October 15, 2009

All good memories and wonderful photos! North Carolina looks great this fall…

6. Mickey - October 19, 2009

Aww, I love the quilt you guys used for your chuppah! That’s so awesome! Congrats again to both of you; your wedding presents are nearly ready to mail (just need to put in some more packing peanuts and add a couple finishing touches). Let me know about buttons!

7. merp - October 19, 2009

Thanks, everyone!

The quilt was a wedding present to my grandparents in 1931. Did not even know such a thing existed – but I asked my mom what antique quilts she had (there are always antique quilts, in my family), and there it was! Actually, there were two – the other had birds. This one is ours now.

We were also able to use the glass cake stand that was my great-grandparents’ only wedding gift in 1886.

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