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And the winners are…. February 1, 2009

Posted by merp in Animules, Blogging, Crafts, fernando, Fritz!, Life, Pisco!.

Using a highly technical random number generator, with Mr. Merp, Pisco and Fritz as witnesses, I have determined the winners of this year’s merpiversary drawing:

merpiversary *

Congratulations, Mickey the Dragon!  You will soon be the owner of a new skein of Noro Cash Iroha.  Watch your step near the Cracks of Doom.  

And, to my surprise, there was no Ox…Ananamoose the Tiger missed being an ox by 2 days; and Jenny the Rat missed being an Ox by less than a month.  (According to the chart, facebook, and an email exchange.)

I therefore did a second drawing and Kantz the Ram wins the earrings!

I will get in touch with each of you to make arrangements. 

And over the next week I will, somehow, get Fernando, Fritz and Pisco to impersonate an Ox, a Ram, and (you got what you asked for, V.) a Dragon!  

I have no idea how I’m going to do this.  Stay tuned.


* (I swear this photo was sharply in focus when I uploaded this.  WTF?)



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3. vml - February 18, 2010

we were promised furmiliations a full year ago! BETRAYAL MOST FOUL.
you still owe us ox, ram, and dragon impersonations, but now that it’s the year of the tiger, i think you’ll have to pay that up too. as interest.

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