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2008: In Rhyme, In Review January 19, 2009

Posted by merp in Blogging, Champaign-Urbana, FOs, Knitting, Life, Travel, Writing.


Two mothers were gifted, house-warmed and consoled;
Four just-because gifts, for friends who were cold.
Two girls were born, one blanketed, one dressed,
Two cardigans for me, two hats and a vest.

For an ’07 wedding, my gift was delayed;
Two Christmas tree balls and a stocking I made.
The curse of male sweaters I now know to disparage;
In 2009, we’ll be starting our marriage.

That was the knitting, but life’s more complex.
Here are other achievements to give you context:
My old dissertation’s got two chapters more,
Despite an escape to warm Singapore.

In the Andaman Sea, we were licensed to dive,
And my third Asian Film Fest brought J-film alive.
A long-planned centennial became a reunion,
And our new co-op store bore the fruits of communion.

In unseasonal warmth, the first week in November,
We cheered for Obama, a night to remember.
An immediate cold snap was a jolt and a warning
That just ’cause there’s hope doesn’t mean that it’s morning. 

(I really don’t know what possessed me to write that.)


1. Curly Sue - January 20, 2009

HA! Hahaha! That was great. I didn’t know you were a budding Dr. Seuss.

2. Mom - January 20, 2009

Love it! — especially the surprise ending. In fact, the whole thing was something of a surprise!

3. vanessa - January 20, 2009

better than the inauguration poem.

4. merp - January 20, 2009

Yeah, that one didn’t rhyme! Lazy poet.

5. Anne Prescott - January 22, 2009

Procrastination brings great results….sounds like something I would have done when I was supposed to be writing….

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