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The Great Seattle Blizzard of Aught-8 January 14, 2009

Posted by merp in Animules, FOs, Knitting, Life, Travel.

Boys and girls, I was there.  The snow came a-blizzarding down on the 18th of December – not, mind you, what we Illinois folk would call a-blizzarding – more what we’d call a fluffy little snowfall – but in the mild, Pacific climes of the far northwest it did qualify as a mighty storm.

With four inches on the ground, upon my arrival at SeaTac that same night, I was marooned for near three hours, with no egress available to me and some 300 other travelers but the weary fleet of Seattle taxis, one of which did at long last me bring me the 9 miles to my sister’s house.  

Thereafter, she and I and my nephew did flee north to our mother’s more secure home, whereupon we were snowbound there for one week, as the snow did barely slow its pace for all that time.

My sister’s car, on Christmas Day 2008.

And so Christmas 2008 was passed.  

I decided this year that my sister needed a new stocking:


Pattern: Family of Funky Stockings by Sandy Cushman (largest size), in the book Handknit Holidays: Knitting Year-Round for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter Solstice (amazon link).

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted (mmmm…malabrigo), in sealing wax, forest, and apple green (approximately 1/2 skein of each) – thanks to Brigitte for helping me pick out the colors – they’re perfect!

Time to complete: Maybe 2 weeks?

Satisfaction: *Love* – Malabrigo lives up to the hype.  It knits like cocoa with rum in it.  I’ll be making myself a new stocking for next year with the leftover.


This was less successful:


Pattern: Stockinette Short-row Sphere, by Brent Annable – made a medium one and a small one as Christmas tree ornaments

Yarn: Knit Picks Memories sock yarn, in Redwood (leftover from socks) – for Mom – and Allhemp6 in five colors (leftover from stripey hemp raglan) – for nephew

Time to complete: Not much.

Satisfaction: eh.  I don’t think I had a very good design concept.  Also, they turned out lopsided for some reason.

Eventually the weather cleared up and we caught some rural pleasures:


We escaped for a night to Willows Inn on Lummi Island – at which we were the only guests!  The owner waited on us himself while his wife cooked, and we had the inn to ourselves.  I cannot recommend this place enough.   The food was beyond amazing.

And we caught some urban pleasures, too:


Finally got around to visiting the Olympic Sculpture Park – on a sunny(!) day.  My mom had to explain this object at length to my five-year-old nephew.  Not sure he grasped what a typewriter is.

And all the while, we were terrorized with cuddles by the newest member of my sister’s family:

Fizzgig Wombat



1. shannonsays - January 14, 2009

Sitting here wearing my malabrigo scarf right now as I came across your blog.

So pretty! That Brigitte–the temptress that she is!–she has started me on malabrigo too. Yummy stuff, just can’t explain it. I definitely think it’s a knitter’s controlled substance.

Enjoying your blog!

Shannon Smith
What the Craft?!

2. maxandkate - January 15, 2009

may i ask what kind of pup the wombat is? he is positively adorable!!!

3. merp - January 15, 2009

He’s a miniature schnauzer. He is indeed adorable, and he knows it, and feels he is therefore deserving of extra privileges. He also wears sweaters, to the mortification of other dogs.

4. Mickey - January 16, 2009

Ooh, please put the yarn in your faves list on Ravelry so I can find it sometime after I do my own massive amount of phenomenal cosmic stash-busting.

Fizzgig Wombat is just too cute for words. I want to go all baby-talk squirrel-voice on him. I mean, don’t get me wrong, kitties are cute and all, but I’m fundamentally a dog person at heart.

5. Mickey - January 16, 2009

I should specify that by “the yarn” I mean the Malabrigo. If you describe it as “knits like cocoa with rum in it”, then dude, I’ve soooo gotta try it.

6. Mom - January 16, 2009

As you told it, so it was. Lots of quality time together in my small house — memorably, with 3 adults, 1 5-year-old, 2 dogs, and my 2 cats (one of whom was utterly miserable throughout the invasion by dogs).

To add to the info:
I just learned that in the new snow (accumulation of 10 inches over several days), a group did a 13-mile circumski of Lake Union — more or less in the middle of Seattle, for the unitiated.
A photo of one spot on their route, the famed Pike Place Market downtown:

7. vanessa - January 16, 2009

ha – that circumski is hilarious.
some friends of mine had a great time snowboarding in kubota gardens!
and yes, you described our harrowing ordeal both accurately and vividly.
(to put things in perspective, my friend in toronto reports they had a power outage of several hours last night, with temp -22 fahr.)

8. LauraRose - January 30, 2009

I always thought it was ot! Live and learn.

Your title caught (cot?) my eye in the Oberlin knits group on ravelry. Fun entry. I too was caught in the blizzard of aught 8 but in Portland which is similarly ill-equipped to deal with the fluffy stuff.

9. larry1978 - February 1, 2009

Great pics! I too was snowed in at Sea Tac although I was on a layover and was stuck in the airport.

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