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Partial Feat! August 29, 2008

Posted by merp in Gardening, Home Improvement, Knitting.

An Olympic one this time – Ravelympic, anyway.

I joined up with Ravelympics this year, a new version of the Knitting Olympics. (The idea is you pick a challenging knitting project, casting on during the opening ceremonies, needles down at the end of the closing ceremonies.)

I chose Totally Autumn in Knit Picks Swish Bulky. And at the end of the Olympics (last Sunday) I was maybe 40% done. Not too shabby, considering everything else that’s been going on this month, but no medal for me. Actually, if I knit the rest of it at this pace, I should be on schedule.

Swish Bulky is a superwash wool, so I ran my swatches through the washer and dryer (without blocking them) to see how they would do:

Pretty ok, in a fuzzy-cuddly way. Obviously doesn’t show off the lace well if you don’t block, but given that this is an afghan, onto which orange juice can be spilled and dogs can slobber, one cannot be expected to carefully pin it flat at each washing, so I had to see the worst-case scenario.

And here’s a home project from almost a month ago:

Previously, there was nothing between our living room and the street except the front door and a few yards of lawn. We felt it needed at least some symbolic screening – a fengshui-ish impulse – and so put in this new bed, to provide a bit of a buffer. Who knows, maybe that “Pink Beauty” hydrangea will eventually grow big enough to provide a bit of real screen. We also bought a burning bush to replace a shrub that had died last year, and that lovely pot of chysanthemums you can see on the front step.

From the door, looking towards the street:

Putting in this bed with pebbles also had the benefit of widening our somewhat cramped front walk (that’s why the seemingly over-generous empty margin there). And A. transplanted the hostas from the overpopulated bed at left. So far, everything has survived!

I actually wrote this post days ago, but no time to edit and post till now. Insane week; blessed three-day weekend ahead.


1. Curly Sue - September 17, 2008

Ooh, I like the new front walkway. I also like all of your hostas and other forest-undergrowth-type plants. That’s something I loved about Urbana.

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[…] strategically failed to mention in my last post on this project that this is actually a long-overdue wedding gift. J & J were married September […]

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