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Feets! But not Olympic ones. August 18, 2008

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

Just everyday ones.

My latest iterations of Grandma’s slippers (ravlink):

The mauve ones, above, were a birthday present for my aunt in the spring, and the purple ones, below, I made for my uncle this summer. The yarn for both was Berroco Comfort (a very, very soft nylon/acrylic blend). I’m modeling both pairs, and the slippers are too big for me.

I’ve been experimenting with the cuffs. Grandma always threaded elastic through the eyelets, but I just don’t like that – how it looks or how it feels. So on the mauve ones, I left the cuff off all together. My aunt says that didn’t work so well – they fall off. On the purple ones, I did a sort of an eyelet rib cuff, hoping it would cinch up well enough on its own, but leaving open the option of adding elastic if necessary.

I also made a weird, red fuzzy pair for my sister last Christmas (no picture) with a sort of a funky elfin turtleneck cuff arrangement. They may stay on (?) but it’s not to be repeated. (And there was one other unphotographed pair – a purple wool pair for my stepgrandmother last winter, with the traditional Grandma cuff.)

Next I need to make a pair for myself – I don’t have one!

Wow, is it ever hard to photograph your own feet.



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