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A Twirly Pillow August 7, 2008

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

My mom has received it, so now I can share:

(Ok, yes, not really a “pillow” per se, as pictured. But my mom could be shopping for a pillow form even as you read this.)

Pattern: Pretty much made up as I went along

Size: 18″ x 18″

Yarn: Knit Picks Twirl (Alpaca and wool, loopdy-looped into a boucle yarn w/a little nylon), in “summer sky,” 2 hanks; and Knit Picks Main Line (75% pima cotton and 25% merino wool) in “butter pecan,” 3 skeins (barely enough – I literally used up every last scrap)

Needles: #10.5 for the Twirl, I believe, and #7 for the Main Line

Time to finish: Less than a month, including time spent futzing around waiting for it to block, and trying to get myself to sew it up.  Plus a week to ship.

Technically, this was a birthday present, but the yarn took too long to arrive (or, one could argue, I waited too long to place the order. One could, but I choose not to). Still, a month late is really not too shabby in my history of late, handmade gifts (more on that topic in the coming weeks…).

It’s also a housewarming gift, as my mom recently moved for the first time in decades, and into a new house of her own design. Very exciting, and therefore deserving of custom-designed accoutrements. Fortunately, the colors of the pillow are reported to coordinate well with the walls. And it’s very warm indeed.

I now officially love Main Line. We’ve had our fallings out, but it is so pretty and – I can now attest and will do so in more detail in, again, the coming weeks – wears incredibly well.

Twirl, I’m not so sure about. No elasticity (and therefore hard on the hands) and makes a very, very heavy fabric. Heavy like, weighs a lot. (It’s discontinued anyway.) But it should do fine as a pillow. I still have two hanks left. Thoughts?

I’m quite pleased with the button band. I used this one-row buttonhole tutorial (scroll down on linked page) and happened to have the buttons on hand.

For the fluffy side, I took the yarn name as a cue and went for a twirly look. I cast on 100-some stitches and did double decreases at the four corners every other row, until I got towards the center when I had to decrease every row. Otherwise a gigantic blue nipple results. Even (re)done right, it was still rather pointy in the middle, so I just sort of hand-felted it into shape. It worked.

I actually have some much better pillows in mind for my mom now…..



1. Mom - August 8, 2008

Indeed it does work! I love it!! The front is lovely and comfy, and the back is impressive — much too pretty to be the back.
~ In just about a month, the window seat for which it’s intended should be installed, so a late arrival didn’t matter. I’ve found the perfect pillow form at JoAnn Fabric.

You have other pillow ideas in mind? Super!

Tanya’s mother

2. Post-Holiday Reveals, Second Wave « merp - January 9, 2010

[…] Yarn: Knit Picks Twirl [ravlink], in “summer sky” (discontinued).  To match the pillow I gave her summer before last. […]

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