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Pisco’s Purple Prius August 3, 2008

Posted by merp in Life, Pisco!.

Photo by Isaac

If he had his druthers, he would have preferred something huge and black with shiny hubcaps – an Escalade, perhaps – but he doesn’t get to make these decisions, no he does not, not until he draws a paycheck and can sign a title.

But given that we have owned no motorized vehicle at all for a month, Pisco is almost as happy with our 2002 Prius as we are!

This was a total find – we were not on the market for a used Prius because a) nobody’s selling them, b) when they are, people are able to sell them for as much or more than they bought them for (true!), and c) whoever heard of a 2002 Prius? (I think only 20,000 were sold in the U.S.)

But there it was in the Sunday paper last week, and there we were on our bikes, first to look, and ready to buy. It’s in excellent condition and was reasonably priced – unreasonably so, in fact. And it has toys!

…which show (tho’ not in this photo) that this car has been running at an average of about 44mpg lately. </smug>

Now it just needs a name. Ideas? The color is “Blue Moon Pearl,” (aka “lavender”) if that helps.

Pisco’s ready to roll.



1. Mom - August 3, 2008

I’m relieved to see that it isn’t really purple, but very, very subtly lavender, if my view of the photos is accurate. Emphasis on the pearl.

Pisco looks appropriately excited — adoring, even!

Hearty congratulations and — Happy Trails to You! (though you can’t hear Roy Rogers singing that the way I can, echoing from 1950s TV).

2. Curly Sue - August 20, 2008

I can sure hear the Happy Trails song, and I bet Tanya can, too. Now it’s in my head!

Tanya, as one who has seen the lovely Prius in person, I can say congratulations, you lucky dogs! And I mean all three of you. I’m trying to get my bike in working order so I can start combat in this car-crazy city of Red Stick. I’m so excited for you and Aaron. Maybe, since it gets such great gas mileage, you can drive down to Louisiana to visit us and hang out in New Orleans sometime (hint, hint). 🙂

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