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Avocado Sky July 17, 2008

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

Pattern: Based on Summer Sky by Melinda Hunt and Blue Sky Alpacas’ Cropped Cardigan.

Yarn: Pakucho Organic Cotton by Peru Naturtex Partners, undyed avocado green, 4.5 hanks

Needles: Addi circs #7 (now my go-to needles for worsted projects. I love them.)

Time to complete: Project spanned about 10 weeks, but the bulk of the knitting was done in less than 2.

Happiness: High.

I don’t recall why I decided to make this pattern in the first place, other than as part of my ongoing mission to acquire more cardigans, and summer ones especially.

But at some point there was a convergence of a sartorial need, a tricotish* desire, two appealing patterns, and not quite enough of a lovely yarn to knit a full-sized sweater.

I really liked the basic look of the Blue Sky Alpacas cardi, but wasn’t as motivated to buy the pattern as I was to figure it out (seems pretty simple, right?)

On the other hand, I really liked the design details in Summer Sky, but did not like the length or how it hung. And Summer Sky provided a handy template, since I already had it on hand.

(This pattern was originally available on Magknits. Miraculously, I’d had the foresight to print out all my favorite patterns from Magknits before it vanished into the ether – the site always had an unstable look to me and I didn’t trust it. The pattern can now be obtained directly from the designer through ravelry.)

I loved the curving border between the stockinette and linen stitch in Summer Sky, but wanted the gentle hug of the Blue Sky ribbing instead of the rather stiff linen stitch. (Unfortunately, I didn’t follow the chart correctly and got more of a spike and less of a curve! But if you don’t know that, I think it looks ok.)

I love the sleeve detail, too. I made my sleeves a bit shorter than in the pattern – it just felt right. And I did a tubular bind-off for a nicer finish.

The Summer Sky pattern is really exquisite. It was actually much easier to do it all in ribbing than in linen stitch but I had to respect the extraordinary amount of thought that went into shaping that linen stitch to fit the curves of the design and the curves of the body. Very clever.

I did do the linen stitch collar and front edging as written, and am very pleased with it. The silver brooch is from our trip to Peru three years ago.

And because some of you like to see my face:

And now to sing the praises of this yarn once more. I think I’m officially in love with it. Since the cotton is not dyed, but grows in different different colors, each color is actually a slightly different fiber. Where the chocolate brown was very loosely plied and almost puffy (and thus a pain to knit), the avocado green held itself together with more dignity and was even a little crisp.

I have already begun the third of three Pakucho projects for this summer, this one a gift:



1. Heather - July 20, 2008

Very cute! And the brooch complements it perfectly.

2. amanda - July 23, 2008

looks great! good for you for figuring it out 🙂

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