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Summer Soba Salad July 12, 2008

Posted by merp in Food, Gardening.

Summer soba salad

Fistful of buckwheat soba
Mixed greens, as fresh as possible
Toasted sesame seeds
Garnishing vegetables, such as grated carrot or cucumber, sliced tomato – whatever the garden provides.

1-2 slooshes each of

  • soy sauce (Korean or Japanese style, preferably),
  • sesame oil (the dark, toasted kind),
  • balsamic vinegar (rice vinegar would be good, too), and
  • mirin

1 tsp honey (or sugar, in which case, slightly more)
1 tsp sambal oelek chili paste
(I didn’t measure, why should you? Everything to taste.)

Boil soba. Toast sesame seeds in a skillet over low heat, stirring regularly. Wash and dry greens and arrange on plate(s). Slice/grate vegetables.

Combine sauce ingredients in a jar and shake vigorously.

Place a few ice cubes in your colander in the sink. When soba is done, drain in colander, immediately running cold water over the noodles, tossing with the ice cubes till they melt. This should stop the noodles from cooking any further and chill them quickly. Shake the colander to make sure noodles are fully drained.

Assemble [click for larger image]:

I came up with this to break up a busy, hot day of housecleaning and yard work. Light, refreshing, nutritious and quick.

Not especially original, but very pleasing.

Why yes, the tomatoes are from our garden:

First tomatoes, one week ago. These are stupice tomatoes (not pronounced “stew-piss,” as I’d originally thought, but rather “stew peach ka” – thank goodness), which I chose for their early, high yields. So far, so good!

Here they are earlier this week, in a dinner for one (A. was at a conference all week), another tofu recipe from the Doufu Devotee book:

Tonight, we’re making bagels again. This time, with jalapenos!



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