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Second Try June 25, 2008

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting, Pisco!.

Pattern: Square Cake, from Knitty Winter 2007 (click for photos with alternate ways to wrap the handles – I should have used the twisty way shown in the second photo)

Yarn: Connemara mercerized cotton from elann.com (discontinued)

Needles: Pretty sure I used some, yeah.

Fabric: a random fat quarter from Joann.

Model: Mr. Big Brown Eyes

This was a little thanks-for-the-Singapore-hospitality, so-sorry-your-dog-ate-the-last-thing-I-made-you gift for A’s mom, which I made back in April. She just got it last week, when A made a second (!) trip to S’pore, so now I can post it.

I made Heidi a hat a couple of years ago which good old Jack (then new, anxious Jack) chewed right up (along with a mattress and several other useful items). I promised I’d remake it, and I had plenty of the same yarn leftover. But there’s not much call for head-warming hats in Singapore.

It was fairly obvious once I’d knit this that it would need a lining. I had fabric and a sewing machine, which I even know how to operate. But oh, how I avoided the task. I even considered asking Heidi to get one of the nice Indian street tailors with the foot-operated sewing machines in her neighborhood to do it for me.

But get this: What finally got me to sew it was allowing myself to hand-sew it instead of using the machine! Then I relaxed right into the task and got it done in an hour or two over a couple of episodes of “Bones,” and quite tidily, if I do say so.



1. Cora - August 14, 2008

Nice job!, Jack isn’t going to chew on it is he?

2. merp - August 24, 2008

No, I don’t think so. Jack has gotten over himself and doesn’t seem to do that any more. Pisco did take a taste, as you can see, but he was just kidding.

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