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Chocolate Lace June 14, 2008

Posted by merp in Life.

lace cardigan side

Pattern: #19 Short Sleeve Cardigan, by Shiri Mor, Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2007
Yarn: Peru Naturtex Partners Pakucho Organic Cotton, chocolate, 6 skeins
Needles: #7 circular addi turbos
Time to finish: 90% was knitted over our two-week trip to Singapore and Thailand. Knit the sleeves at home, then took 2 months to block it and sew it together. So, 3 months.

The design is cute, but the pattern seems to have been designed and sized for someone exactly and in every way precisely unlike me.

I think I resized just about every dimension of it: I made it quite a bit longer below the ribbing; I made it a lot wider at the bottom and decreased much more than written towards the ribbing; I added at inch or two of length to the ribbing; I’m pretty sure I made the lace section above the ribbing longer as well; and I knit sleeves for the sweater two sizes up from the bust size I was “following,” as they never would have fit around my chubby arms as written (and they are the one part that turned out a tad big).

lace cardigan front

You will note that, for all that lengthening, this is still a pretty short sweater – quite a bit shorter than I had in mind, actually (I wanted that ribbing to hug my ribcage below my bust and for the hem to hit my hipbones – not achieved). And while it is wearable, it isn’t really the most flattering length for me (full disclosure). For reference, I’m long-waisted only relative to my very short legs; actually I have a pretty average torso and average-length shirts tend to fit me just fine.

I did follow the pattern for the bust size (I had to have a constant somewhere), which turned out a tad snug, but ok, and for the width of the back/shoulders, which is also a bit snug.

So, unless you have a very, very short waist and a narrow frame, if you knit this: KNIT BIG!

I made one modification to the actual design: Instead of solid stockinette, I inserted some more eyelet v’s – for ventilation, and for interest.

lace cardigan back

This was my first attempt at set-in sleeves, and I think they turned out…adequate.

I think I will usually wear it open like this (but only sometimes with the dorky smile):

lace cardigan unbottoned

I’m kind of in love with the yarn. Pakucho cotton is a variety indigenous to Peru which actually grows in colors (greens, browns, and off-whites). No dyes. And apparently, it’s produced and processed pretty much by hand, with no pesticides or chemicals at all.

pakucho cotton

As if that weren’t enough, it’s also incredibly soft. I found it unbelievably splitty, though, and so had to knit pretty slowly. And for that reason also, it may snag a lot. Supposedly you can machine wash and dry it, and I might dare wash this cardigan gentle in a sweater bag, but I would hate for it to shrink even another centimeter in the dryer! More information at Knitter’s Review.

I’ve already started my next Pakucho project (#2 of 3 for the summer):

avocado sky collar

A cropped cardi based on Summer Sky.



1. amanda - June 19, 2008

beautiful!! I’ve seen this cardi knit up on Ravelry and really like it. yours is awesome!

2. Mickey - June 20, 2008

Oooh… extra ventilation! Awesome idea.

Also, I am most thrilled by the notion of cotton that comes in colors naturally.

3. Avocado Sky « merp - July 17, 2008

[…] now to sing the praises of this yarn once more. I think I’m officially in love with it. Since the cotton is not dyed, but grows in different […]

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