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Can’t have too many warm hands March 1, 2008

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting, Where Are They Now?.


My second Rib & Cable Mitts, IK Spring 2006

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss, burgundy (1/2 skein)

Needles: #2 dpn

Mods: Gloss is a lighter yarn, so cast on 52 stitches instead of 48 and added an extra rib. Also, did ribbing at the top of the mitt rather than having it roll, because that would have been annoying. And I had only one color on hand.


These were for my sister, in her cold, cold house in Seattle with virtually no insulation. When I was visiting, I wore my own mitts nonstop. And that didn’t seem fair.

It took me most of the month of February to make them, it was so busy around here (plus, I was adding length to the hemp sweater), and by now, it’s warm and balmy in Seattle. I can only hope for another cold snap. And wish we were there instead of here in the ice and slush.


They’re very stretchy and fit well (I’m told). [This is us playing with our new scanner.]

And in a Where Are They Now report……


My 2007 Rib and Cable Mitts (original post here). I love these! I wear them constantly. The mystery alpaca yarn has fuzzed a little, but hasn’t pilled, and though it’s a little scratchy, it hasn’t bothered me.


They’re warm, fit nicely, pretty to look at and basically perfect. I would knit this pattern over and over. Overall: A+


…And my 2006 Little Twist Wristwarmers. I almost never wear these – and can’t even find one of them right now. They were ugly from day three, because it turns out Knit Picks Merino Style stands up to basically nothing. It’s pretty on the skein, but it’s a downhill sprint from there. And they don’t fit as snugly as the R&C mitts.

The pattern is cute and I would recommend it. But I like the invisible purl-back-and-front increases I did for my R&C mitts better than the bar increases I did here, which make little holes (they’re called for in the R&C pattern, too, but the holes in my sister’s mitts are less obvious, and I think we can consider them “decorative”). And I think it needs more thumb.

Overall: C



1. amanda - March 17, 2008

great wristwarmers! i need to start knitting more of these…

2. vml - February 18, 2010

for the record, almost 2 years later, my mitts are still going strong. (they haven’t been going strong for 2 years straight cuz i keep losing them. but, happily, finding them again!) i really really really love them. i would wear them constantly, except that they are usually in the wrong place. i think i’ve mentioned, but hopefully you won’t mind me mentioning again, i’m pretty sure i cannot have too many of these. a pair for work, a pair for the home office, a pair for the living room, a pair for the bedroom, a pair for the car, a pair for my bag …

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