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Curse? What Curse? January 18, 2008

Posted by merp in Knitting.

(You know, the Curse.)

Here’s A’s Cobblestone a few days ago, with the boring part mostly finished. Oh, wait – the sleeves will be boring, too. By which I mean “meditative and relaxing,” of course.


I actually cast on back in October, I think. Here it is in December:


And it was originally a birthday gift, back in August. The wonderful, woolly yarn, in the mutable shades of brown, is Beaverslide mule-spun, worsted weight, 90% wool/10% mohair. This review convinced me I had to knit some. So far, it has not disappointed.


Bit by bit, we get there. I’m in more of a chunk-by-chunk mood now. It’s cold, and my honey needs his handknits!

[That should be a hit single on my country album of knitting tunes.]


1. Emilee - January 20, 2008

What a lovely color! That will look great.

(And don’t worry about the curse, it didn’t curse MY relationship 😉

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