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To bed for the winter November 16, 2007

Posted by merp in Gardening.

Last Sunday, we ripped up the garden. We’d still been harvesting tomatoes (mostly green, to ripen indoors in paper bags) and peppers (stunted but fine) up until about two weeks ago. A couple of hard frosts last week killed it good (or so we thought).

In cutting back the enormous, overgrown, half-rotting tangles of tomato vines, one by one, these emerged:


They do ripen in the house, but slowly, so we often eat them green. In chili, on toasty cheese bread, in stir-fries, whatever (just not raw).

The garden certainly did good for itself this year. With us being sick, we did almost nothing to tend it, once the plants were established. But the rain and the sun alone brought us buckets of good tomatoes over the last several months. The peppers were very productive, but mostly too late in the year to ripen well. But the plants sure were healthy! Here’s the stalk of one of them:


And here’s the trunk stalk of one of the basil plants:


With four such basil shrubs, we had more basil than we could eat (and sadly, we didn’t have our acts together to preserve the basil in any way). I’ve harvested their seeds, though.

The other herbs (marjoram, rosemary, sage, oregano, chives, lavendar) did very well, too, and should winter over. Possibly not the rosemary. But the sage, oregano, and chives were planted in spring 2006, later moved to pots, and are still going strong at the new house!



1. Leah - November 19, 2007

My God! That’s your basil plant? I’d cut off someone else’s right hand for such a good basil plant.

2. merp - November 19, 2007

But not your own right hand, I note. 😉

3. v - November 20, 2007
4. Mickey - November 23, 2007

Aw, it’s too bad you didn’t manage to preserve the basil. Pesto is so easy to make in a food processor, and freezes well to boot.

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