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Fall is Truly Here November 3, 2007

Posted by merp in Champaign-Urbana, Life, Pisco!.


It got off to a slow start, but finally it’s sweater-wearing time. (This is the neighbor’s tree. It’s prettier than our trees.)

Today, Pisco and I went to Meadowbrook Park, a 130-acre prairie restoration in SE Urbana, for our “morning” walk (ok, it was nearly noon. So I needed a slow morning).


Pisco surveys the prairie from the overlook.

Click on the thumbnails below to see what we saw:


View from the overlook


View of the overlook


Prairie grass


Pisco in sled-dog mode.

Pisco is very good at walks. Usually, he trots just ahead of you, no tension on the leash. He sits immediately on command, even if he’s several feet ahead – he even responds well to “wait,” not a command we ever officially taught him. He knows the commands “left” and “right” and if he doesn’t catch it, he’ll turn and look back at you for direction. He still remembers “finish” (come and sit next to the human, facing front), even though it serves no purpose on the average walk, and will trot quickly to your side on command, even without the accompanying gesture.

But that’s on an everyday walk in the neighborhood. When we go someplace new and exciting, it’s all out the window and he turns into a sled dog. Your too slow, and he will pull you with his face. Maybe we should get a sled this winter….


Stop dragging your feet! Mush, human, mush!

Yeah, mush, Tanya. I’ve started and even finished a number of knitted things since last I posted, and have several half-written blog posts saved, but instead of posting these I’ve been gallivanting around to conferences, presenting research and stuff, and hanging around in my office planning things and generally neglecting you all horribly. More to come, more to come!



1. Justine - February 18, 2008

Did you get your dog from a woman in town? She looks just like mine!

2. Matt Fargen - May 3, 2008

I was looking for pictures of rhubarb. We have an unidentified plant in our back yard. I think it’s rhubarb, but that’s a random type of plant to just show up in a bed of flowers! Very large.

Another random question: is your blog based on Vanilla? How did you modify it?



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