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What’s Not Here September 30, 2007

Posted by merp in Animules, Food, Knitting, Life, Travel.

I have so much to show you! But no time.

I just got back from a complicated little trip to Manhattan, Chicago, and western Illinois, for business and pleasure.


View from the Center for International Affairs at Columbia University: business, Friday.

What’s there that’s not here: peoplepeoplepeople! great shopping, perfect bagels, a subway system that takes you anywhere, even though most things you could think of are available in a 5-block radius of wherever you are, jungle humidity.¬† Probably a few other things, too, but it went by pretty fast.


Walnut Grove Farm outside Galesburg, IL: pleasure, friends’ wedding, Saturday.

What’s there that’s not here: gently rolling hills, crepes for breakfast, most excellent fresh bread and pastries made from organic flour ground on the premises at Uncle Billy’s Bakery, in an exceedingly pleasant natural foods store exactly like what the Common Ground Food Co-op could be, should be and (check back in a year) possibly will be.

Not here, and no longer there either: Jenna and Jeremy’s wonderful community of friends, who also happen to be brilliant musicians. It was a very good time.

Meanwhile, Pisco wore himself out completely at My Doggie Paradise (a sort of free-range doggie daycare) while Aaron joined me for the wedding, and is a sad panda today. The cats ate the ample food left for them yesterday probably within the first 2 hours and greeted us with cries of starvation today.

What’s here but not on this blog: I completed the 3-hour sweater completely before I left and am dying to show it to you. Knitted up a cute little baby cap on the trip, and will probably have the second sock done tomorrow. And I have nearly finished the “about Fernando” tab (adding to it bit by bit over months).

I’ll try to post this stuff, but this week is likely to be at least as crazy as last week, so no promises.



1. vanessa - October 1, 2007

You had perfect bagels? I’m so sad and jealous. Fall is the worst time to not be in NYC. I’m bereft. Bagel-bereft.

Unpacked CD’s yesterday (hey, it’s only been 5 mo) and we are listening to “Songs for Wiggleworms” right now. Teyo is cracking himself up with “If you’re happy and you know it” as we speak.

2. merp - October 1, 2007

Not at the place you text-messaged me about, tho’ (H&H Bagels, 80th & Broadway). Although it wasn’t far from my hotel, it was in the wrong direction and I didn’t have time. But the beauty of it was, I could just walk into the bakery across the street, which looked reasonably promising, and come out with crusty-chewy everything bagel stuffed with lox and cream cheese. (Sad thing was, I couldn’t finish it.)

As for fall, you didn’t miss anything, as they seem to have only gotten it this weekend. It was still sticky and gross when I was there.

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