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We Have Been Duped September 2, 2007

Posted by merp in Food.

Microwave popcorn is just popcorn in a paper bag, in the microwave.

I know, it sounds too simple to be true. But that’s all it is.

Maybe you knew this already, maybe only I (and everyone I’ve told this to so far) was that gullible. But I always assumed, since the packaged stuff was so expensive, and coated in an unnamable and peculiar-tasting substance sometimes described (never accurately) as “buttery,” that the product must be chemically treated in some unwholesome manner in order to perform well in the microwave.

Then I stumbled upon these instructions. And I tried them. Perfect, fluffy popcorn every time. Local, organic popcorn (bought in bulk at the co-op), with just olive oil, or a little olive oil and a little butter (add the butter after), just the way I like it, for something around 10 cents a bag. (I’ll do the math some time and let you know.)




1. v - September 4, 2007

thank you for sharing, this revolutionary news comes just in time.

2. Mickey - September 5, 2007

I am so doing that. I love popcorn.

3. david - September 17, 2007

YES!! and no popcorn-poppers lung. Now all we need is the microwave.

4. Leah - September 24, 2007

As an employee in food service (temporarily, let’s hope) who has to make popcorn in those giant movie theater-style poppers with massive amounts of “popcorn flavoring”, I agree that whatever is in the “flavoring” is toxic and scary. It smells like melted plastic, when you smell it in large amounts.

Hooray for real butter and salt on popcorn!

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