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Between the Itsy-Bitsy and the Kitchen Sink August 25, 2007

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

Sounds like a line from a country song, but it’s just an accurate description of the size of my rendition of this pattern.


Pattern: Itsbitsy and Kitchen Sink Bags, Knitty

Yarn: Tahki Chat Print, 3 skeins/87 yds per skein (I used every last scrap)

Needle size: #8, straight and circular

Time to finish: About 1 week

I finished this weeks and weeks ago, but my sister received it for her birthday just this week (full of snacks from the co-op). So now I can post it.


I believe it’s about 11″ wide when empty.


Mainly, I just made it a slightly different size. I don’t remember how many stitches I cast on, but a few more than for the small bag. And I suppose using a tape yarn instead of a plied yarn could vaguely be considered a modification. It does give it a different look.


Also, the handle is very short. This is simply because I ran out of yarn. But it seems to work all right, since the bag itself stretches so much.

To compensate for that – its tendency to droop open – I sewed in five or six snaps across the top.


Though as you can see, it doesn’t fall open if it’s full of stuff and stretched taut. And it holds quite a lot! I think I had a magazine, a hardback book, a can of wasabi peas, two or three large skeins of yarn and possibly more for this photo. I intend it to be something like a market bag that acts like a purse.

I basically liked the pattern. It includes several different, interesting, attractive stitches – most of which I’d never done before – so there’s no getting bored, yet it knits up very quickly. But doing the rectangular base of the bag on circular needles with a yarn that has no stretch whatsoever was a real pain. I won’t be doing that again.

But I would with a stretchier yarn – even a regular, plied cotton yarn. I’d definitely try this in hemp, or a wool-cotton blend. Or even a decent looking acrylic.


Close-up of the bottom of the bag. Includes the transition from bottom and side and the bottom of the side of the bag as well. Four different stitches in this shot.



1. vanessa - August 27, 2007

Yes! The sister loves the bag, very cute and useful.

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