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Beets in Blue Cheese July 14, 2007

Posted by merp in Champaign-Urbana, Food.


I cooked tonight, and I used a recipe. I even followed it. It was Red Beet Salad with Roquefort Cheese from Fresh from a Monastery Garden, except that instead of red beets I used golden, and blue cheese instead of roquefort and instead of sour cream I used yogurt and I didn’t use the mache leaves or endives. But, hey, that’s what I had.

The beets (also there are apples) are on the upper left. On the upper right are the greens from the beets, sauteed with garlic in sesame oil (but disappointingly bitter for some reason), and at the bottom are new potatoes with the homegrown pesto from earlier this week.

It was all very yummy, but light. I feel a late night run to Jarling’s Custard Cup coming on.



1. Nikki - July 19, 2007

Dang, I hate visiting knitting blogs to find food. It always looks so delicious and makes me so hungry. Is this an evil plot to mock those who can’t cook, like me? So evil. So delicious-looking. I’ll be by your house later for dinner.

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