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Shawlette and Pie June 29, 2007

Posted by merp in Food, Knitting, Life.

Happy birthday to me!

It was a low-key one this year, an unremarkable number. But there was Chocolate Mousse Pie!


Courtesy of Aaron, and my Grandma’s classic recipe (which I’m happy to share upon request). I am loving this pie. Not only is it comfort food from my childhood (many past birthdays), it’s also fantastically delicious. Aaron did it perfectly on his first try.


I have, in fact, finished Rusted Root, pretty much when I said I would in my last post, and am very happy with it! But due to an unfortunate blocking incident involving a sudden downpour, I am not yet ready to model and share.

Meanwhile, the Clementine Shawlette from IK Spring 2007 for your viewing pleasure.  This turns out to be quite a brainless knit:




1. Mickey - July 2, 2007

Happy belated birthday, birthday twin!

2. Alice - July 8, 2007

I’m delighted that the pie turned out so well — but whatever is the odd blue-gray thing curving up from it?? With my NW habits of mind, it looks a bit like a large slug took a nosedive . . .

3. merp - July 9, 2007

Hah! It’s a tupperware pie server.

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