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The Dog’s Life June 2, 2007

Posted by merp in Pisco!.

As promised, on How Sweet It Is To Be A Dog. Kind of. Actually, it’s got its ups and downs.



He’s certainly getting a lot more exercise than he used to!


But he doesn’t always get what he wants.





But when he does, it is so worth it.


From our perspective, major ups and downs, too. Having a dog and a yard is *so* different from having a leash-only dog. And having a Pisco is so different from having a normal, less imaginative dog. Say, a dog who actually likes to please you.

So some days he uses his massive intelligence to do exactly what he’s supposed to and comes ripping across the yard to you as soon as you yell “come!” We particularly enjoy those days. Some days he uses it to ignore, then dodge and evade you, eventually hiding under the deck and refusing to come out for hours until forced by pebbles or pointy sticks, after which he is grounded we are steamed.

I think he needs a job.



1. Vanessa - June 4, 2007

Those pictures are too cute! Is he ungrounded yet?

Thank god my dog is one of those that a) desperately wants to please and b) is not nearly imaginative enough to think of doing anything else. I told you how I patched all the gaps and holes that were facilitating her escape. Now any dog with 3/4 of a brain could dig under the fence (which is not attached to the ground at any point other than the posts) or maybe wriggle through the gate, but no. She hasn’t thought of it. Even more ridiculous: There is a gap between the garage and the side fence where she can get out; I previously had it blocked with the recycle bin, but then Yoshi had to get back there to plug the holes under the eaves. He built a makeshift stepladder/bridge so he could reach the eaves (too narrow to fit a real ladder there). Natty could climb it with no effort whatsoever. It’s just a steep flight of stairs with a ramp going down the other side. Hasn’t occurred to her.

She caught an injured bird this weekend and actually dropped it when we told her to. Last night she was terrified of a tomato leaf.

Our dog ownership experiences are as disparate as our home ownership experiences.

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