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Waiting on Hand and Foot April 10, 2007

Posted by merp in Knitting.

A couple of small, travel projects, halfway there…

Three weeks ago in Boston (where I spent a lovely afternoon in Newton with my friend Anne – responsible for one significant phase of my knitting education years ago), I made this sock:


The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Silk, which I bought at my LYS, for once (pats self on back). It’s the Sox on 2 Stix pattern from knitty. Weird construction, so I had to try it.


It got weirder. The foot turned out to be way too narrow so I added this awkward insert on one side of the foot (god forbid I should frog and start again). And then the whole provisional cast-on thing didn’t work so well – seems I started one row in and have this fun row of bumps left on the heel.

So, not a sock of beauty. Franksteiny, even. But it fits perfectly! And they’re meant to be around-the-house socks anyway. No hurry to make the second sock, as the months of sock-free living are nearly here.

The week after I got back, I made this glove for Aaron who, after seeing my new mitts, demanded something similar for the office (always too cold, apparently). And after seeing Pan’s Labyrinth (heartbreaking masterpiece – go, but do not take your kids), declared he liked the Resistance aesthetic. Clearly, then, it was time for knucks.


I even did it in the recommended yarn (Rowan Felted Tweed) – what’s come over me?

Again, no real urgency for the second knuck, but I may make it this weekend in Indiana. He has yet to tell me what he wants the knuckles to say….



1. Leah - April 11, 2007

Thanks for looking me up, Tanya. How’d you find me? A better web-sleuth than I am, I guess.

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