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Shrug: Encircled March 19, 2007

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

Technically, my Circular Shrug is finished:


(I do have a good brooch for this, but I couldn’t find it.)


Pattern: Originally developed on craftster.org sort of collectively HERE (initiated by jessica), then further worked out HERE; pattern available HERE. (I am, of course, way behind the trend.)

Yarn: Elann Sierra Aran in Blueberry.

Needles: #8 circ

Time: Ummm…one year :-[

Difficulty: WAY easy

Modifications: None yet, but I need your opinions!

Modeling smile: Not gonna be my second career.


(Kind of makes me look like a quarterback.)

The super-fun thing about this shrug-vest-whatever is the construction. You just knit a rectangle, then reduce your stitches by half and knit some more rectangle, and then double your stiches and knit some more rectangle (see here what I mean). And then sew two seams to make a circle:


You can see by the fresh snow this shrug is lying on that I actually seamed it up some time ago. You can also see that the seam on the right is kind of wonky. Took me at least another 2 weeks to get around to ripping it out and redoing it. And then another week or two to get it photographed. Then a few more days to post photographs.

Now for the next procrastinative matter:

Should I add sleeves? It actually looks better than I expected as-is. But I just don’t know if I would ever wear it as a vest. I don’t wear vests, typically. My arms get cold. The sleeves I have in mind would be 3/4 sleeves, fitted to the elbow, then flare out (the way the collar does) in an 18th-c. sort of way for another 4″ or so. Or maybe just 3-4″ of regular ribbing (fitted).

What do you think?

That said, I AM making a vest (but a really different kind), and it’s just about done – just need to add the ribbing around the neck and armholes. Do you think I need to add length (as ribbing) to the bottom too?

vestev_1.jpg vestev_2.jpg
[click to enlarge]

Thanks for your input!

p.s. merp got its 10,000th hit this weekend!



1. Mickey - March 20, 2007

I think it’s cute!

What does your shirt say?

2. Ashley - March 20, 2007

Thanks for that “before” pic–I’d never quite been able to visualize how this works! For me the sleeves are a question of wearability–if you won’t wear this as a vest, add sleeves (but I would probably just do regular ribbing instead of flaring them, which I think would be more wearable). But in the meantime you can always try wearing it around as a vest and seeing if it takes!

3. v - March 20, 2007

Both are really cute! I like the collar on the circular.

I agree w/ Ashley. Youll wear it much more w/ sleeves (I never wear vests either, tho I do buy them). Flared sleeves don’t sound quite right to me either, I think that would be too much with all the other curves going on there. But maybe I need a picture.

I don’t think you need to add anything to the brown vest. You have that cute little tummy and can still get away with cropped tops like this.

4. sarah lou - April 3, 2007

both are very cute! followed your link from your new member profile at get stitchy! welcome! hope you like it! 😀

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