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These boots were made for short strolls January 29, 2007

Posted by merp in Life.

Note that I’ve added the promised pictures below in Blue Things and One Year of Dog…..

I certainly didn’t make these, and they’re not puppy-related per se, but I have to show off my NEW BOOTS!


Finding an affordable pair of boots that fit my 16″ calves was a quest of many months. I finally scored these on ebay for cheap, cheap cheap! And, accordingly, the materials are also cheap, cheap, cheap. They will probably disintegrate within 2 years. But the pleasure of wearing them will perhaps be the sweeter for its transience. Or not.

Or perhaps shoe manufacturers will repent of their sins and start offering calf sizes over 14″ and I will invest in a quality pair. I realize that some people have the opposite problem from me, but come on, am I so rare?



1. Mickey - January 31, 2007

I too have found boots I love, which fit my 19″ calves. However, they’re Italian leather, cost about $300, and I intend to make them last for decades. I hope your boots surprise you!

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