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Christmas in the PNW January 13, 2007

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Our Seattle Christmas was toddler- and dog-centric this year!

It was my nephew’s third Christmas (fourth, actually, but he wasn’t really in the holiday groove at the age of 3 weeks). It was trains all around!


Poor Pisco spent the week in a kennel in Tolono, IL, but it was Christmas fun-times for his cousin-dog, Natty Gann – her first Christmas with the family.

She got her very own squirrel log.

It was *awesome*.

The highlight for us grown-ups was, of course, Christmas dinner.


We started with Butternut Cranberry Soup, garnished with sage and sour cream:
It was my sister’s idea, but she couldn’t find the recipe, so I made it up. Came out all right, but needed more sugar on the cranberries (I sort of carmelized them with sugar in a skillet before adding them to the soup). Sure was pretty.

The salad involved roasted chestnuts sauteed with pecans and herbs in butter, with a salty cheese (I forget what it was) and a vinaigrette. A joint effort by my sister and me.

Aaron made the bread, the no-knead recipe from the New York Times.

Bourbon Sweet Potatoes and Parsnips were executed to perfection by my sister.

And the salmon (wild-caught, of course), in a ginger-lime-orange-saffron marinade improvised by Aaron, accompanied by Chili Lime Basil Dressing from A Taste of Heaven and Earth.
Came out quite well, except, as you can perhaps see, the thicker bits didn’t cook all the way through. We saved those to be reheated as leftovers.

The day after Christmas, Aaron and I drove out to Orcas Island to stay at Garden House.

Total peace and quiet and stunning beauty for a couple of days.

[click for a larger image]


1. David - February 4, 2007

I think you are using your new camera to great effect! and the food is fabulous.

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