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Happy חנוכה! December 16, 2006

Posted by merp in Food, Life.


Ok, this is was taken after the candles burned down. But that’s because it was taken with my new Hannukah present: a digital SLR! Isn’t it awesome? Who’s the best boyfriend in the whole wide world?

We were too tired to cook last night, so we went out for Thai food. But this morning….




Aaron made the latkes, of course, and they were perfect. Both yellow and blue potatoes, with red onions. I made the applesauce, from local winesap apples – I had high hopes, but they were little more than apple starch in apple shapes. But with all the seasonings (it’s pink because I used cranapple juice), it turned out pretty well.


Hannukah, festival of greasy food.



1. Rebecca - December 20, 2006

I want some of your latkes too!
Happy Chanukah.
The apple sauce sounds good. A good cook can make it work, even when the apples aren’t perfect.

I made Latkes with the kids at the day school. What a mess! They loved squeezing the water out of the potatoes and watching the food processor spin. They thought cutting the potatoes was hard, but they are 2.5- 4 yrs old, so they had to use butter knives!

We also found that the pan held exactly five latkes, so we could sing out latke song:

Five little latkes sizzling in the pan.
One jumped out, saying,”Catch me if you can!”
And he jumped, and he ran all around the kitchen floor,
And when I turned around, he ran right out the door!
(count down to zero, and then shout, “But I’m hungry!”)

It’s good to be a preschooler.

2. Lars Clausen - January 5, 2007

Congratulations on the new toy! It’s pretty much impossible to get a bad digital SLR, but I’m still curious what kind you got.

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