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2 short projects: City Shawl & Coronet November 23, 2006

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

The Shawl:



Pattern: Glampyre’s City Shawl
Yarn: Two strands of Lang Yarns Moon, 60% Merino Wool/ 25% Viscose Rayon/ 15% Nylon (from elann.com), colony blue, just over 4 skeins
Needles: #13 straight, plastic ones from Grandma
Gauge: Not sure, but not at all what elann claims!
Mods: Garter eyelet stitch instead of plain garter stitch (I hate garter stitch)
Time: Less than 2 weeks

I made this for a wedding on the 18th, to go with this dress, which as you see, is not so much a November dress. Obviously, says the knitter brain, just the occasion for a shawl or a shrug! I had really wanted to make Icarus, for months now, but it just wasn’t realistic, given the time available and my tolerance for that *@#%ing lace-weight alpaca cloud.


City Shawl calls for a bulky chenille at 3 stitches per inch, and Stephanie Japel claims it can be knitted in 3 hours – just the thing! Only I didn’t want chenille. So after spending an over-indulgent amount of time shopping around on the internet, I settled on Moon, for which elann claims a gauge of 3.5/in. Yeah, right. The label itself says 5.6 st/in (converted from metric), which I can believe. So I end up buying 3 more skeins and knitting with two strands at once. I keep doing this. It takes longer than knitting with just one (tangling, untangling, tangling again). I should stop believing elann.

The yarn itself is really nice. It’s much drapier than you expect from wool, but still with the springiness of wool – and the warmth, fortunately. Here’s a close-up:


As you can see, great potential for poking your needle through the middle of it and snagging it on things, another slowing factor. The color in these pictures is, of course, totally off. It looks orangey in the modeled shots because of the setting sun, and it’s a little bluer even than the in the close-up.

So in the end, much more than 3 hours to knit – I finished the last few rows in the car on the way to the wedding!

Turned out quite well, though, even without blocking, which I may never bother to do.

The Hat:



Pattern: Coronet
Yarn: Lions Brand Wool-ease, forest heather, leftover from my PNW cardigan, about 1/2 skein
Needles: yep, used some.
Time: 5 days (completed the same day I posted my lace scarf)

I’ve been wanting to make this hat since it first came out 3 years ago or more. And sure enough, it’s just right. Very easy to make – I didn’t bother to measure my gauge, just knit each piece till it was the right size, and it came out just right. Only the grafting was a little tricky for me. It’s pretty and keeps my ears warm (none of my other hats do that well).

For some reason, I chose to knit the crown in twisted stockinette. That made no sense – the columns are a little further apart and scoot around a bit making it a little, well, ventilated. Next time, regular st st.

And next time, nicer yarn.



1. Mickey - November 27, 2006

I’ve also been contemplating Coronet for some time, and since I’m trying to knit Christmas presents this year, I may well give it a shot.

2. Mickey - November 27, 2006

I see the point of knitting with twisted stockinette, and I could have sworn, from looking at the picture on the pattern, that they used twisted stockinette! Still, good to know, thanks for blazing the trail for me. I may try to knit this one for my cousin (I knit her the fuzzy-cuff mittens from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch with some lavender Lion Homespun and some purple wool I got from the second-hand store, I’m going to give her the fuzzy cowl from same that I also knitted from Homespun, and I’m thinking I’ll make Coronet out of the purple wool). Yay, stash-busting Christmas presents!

3. merp - November 27, 2006

With some help from the folks at Craftster, I figured out what went wrong on Coronet. When you pick up stitches around the cabled brim to knit the crown, you are in fact, supposed to knit it on the wrong side, so you can fold the brim up to wear it. I didn’t get this, thought it was a misprint or a misinterpretation, and ended up knitting the entire thing inside out, which is how my stitches got twisted (don’t ask me why, but when I purl in the round, I get twisted stitches on the other side). Works fine, of course. But apparently the intent was for it to be even more ear-warming than it is now!

Anyhow – great pattern for a quick but unique hat, however you knit it!

4. Mickey - November 28, 2006

Ah…. in that case, I might just ignore the part about purling the picked up stitches, and just knit it in stockinette straight out. How does one do twisted stockinette from the purl side, anyway? The mind boggles…

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