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WIPs: Angelica & vest November 3, 2006

Posted by merp in Knitting.

I am nearly done with Angelica!


OK, not really. Still have to knit both sleeves, seam them, pick up a border for the neck, and weave in all the ends.

Finished the body already a couple weeks ago, I think, and have been temporarily stalled on the sleeves, afraid they’re too skinny. I altered the shaping for the body a lot – to customize, you know – which meant lots of calculating, knitting, frogging back, recalculating, forgetting what I calculated in the first place, and in the end, employing some math that was just plain wrong. So it’s a little tight around the rib cage. Can be blocked out looser, though. I do hope it fits!

God, I love this yarn.

And then in the meantime, I inexplicably started another project. Because I really wanted a vest, you see. You know, one of those trendy vests with the deep neckline? Yeah.


This is the back, of course. I did almost all of this on a business trip in early October.

And of course I will not be following the pattern (Veste Everest, Interweave Knits Fall 2005). Why make something that wouldn’t be a frustrating struggle? :/ My gauge with the yarn (something bought in Peru) is slightly off, and I want a much deeper neckline. So, more math lies ahead.

My first real cable project, actually! Except for these little mitts.


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