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The Pisco Report September 9, 2006

Posted by merp in Pisco!.

sunset frisbee

Pisco’s now almost 10 months old and about 45 lbs – hu-u-uge compared with expectations. He had to go to the vet not long ago, after many months away, and the staff was astonished at how big he was, said he looked like a different dog!

He’s a teenage dog now: well educated, but likes to pretend he isn’t…

pisco on leash

…and likes to run away at night to drink and party. I was chasing him down one night, after he’d whipped the leash right out of my hand, and lost sight of him. But when I heard the sounds of a nearby party, I knew exactly where he’d be. Sure enough, as soon as I got close, I heard exclamations: “Omigod, it’s a dog! Look it’s a puppy!” He’d just trotted right into their house and made himself at home–he was checking out the kitchen garbage when I got there. They didn’t mind – they urged us to stay for beers! But I explained as how he was underage. “We don’t card!” they said.

pisco legs

I’m not sure how well you can see in these pictures, but Pisco’s getting quite leggy, with a strong and generous brisket. He’s very athletic, built for leaping and tackling and wrestling. He’s a graceful runner, but actually one of the slower dogs at the dog park. Even beagles outpace him.

tuft He’s also blowing out his summer coat. Two weeks now of pulling out handfuls of white fluff, all day long, every day. Snowdrifts of hair all over the apartment. Looks like he’s going for a redder shade this winter.


Pisco lo-o-oves the dog park!



1. Mickey - September 14, 2006

Maybe you should take up spinning and see if you can do something with his fluff.

2. merp - September 17, 2006

Don’t think it hasn’t occurred to me! But no. I draw the line of craftiness there. Besides, I’m allergic to it.

But a quick google search yields an astonishing array of resources on the subject:

Services who will card, spin and knit your dog’s hair for you:

Books and tutorials on how to do it yourself:

Commentary on the practice:

And that’s just a sample! Guess we’re not the only ones with the problem.

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