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Angelica-to-be July 21, 2006

Posted by merp in Knitting.

I’m almost ready to begin my next sweater (cuz you know I don’t have enough to do).

Here’s the sweater, a birthday gift for my sister (not a surprise, obviously):

Glampyre’s Angelica (sold at Hip Knits for use with gorgeous silk yarn well over my budget)

And here’s the yarn:

Knitpicks’ Main Line (quite affordable, yet nice) in Dusty Lavender.

Here’s an outdoor photo of the same yarn:

Color is so hard to capture with a digital camera.

And here’s my X-Back Tank, as of Sunday.

Since then I’ve frogged most of it, down to about 2″. I don’t know if I calculated the gauge wrong or it stretched or what, but it was ginormous. I had done a little tentative shaping (the pattern doesn’t have any); now I’m doing really aggressive shaping, going in 6″ from hip to waist.



1. Patwoman - July 28, 2006

I know what you’re saying. You’ve seen my Slip Stitch top.

Ticker Tape. Grrr. It looks and feels so lovely, and it seems to knit to guage. So wth?

Angelica should turn out wonderfully, tho. I love Glampyre’s knits!

2. merp - July 31, 2006

Since posting this, I’ve knitted up to the same point again, with lots of shaping, and discovered it was STILL enormous. So I ripped it out completely and started over, really small, no shaping, see what happens. Worst comes to worst, I guess I can thread some elastic under the bust.

Ticker Tape: world’s most flexible yarn – knits to any gauge – where “any” = “far larger than you intended.” Recommended for bedspreads and tent dresses.

3. Merp returns! « merp - September 6, 2006

[…] And far more importantly, I have finally begun Angelica! Remember Angelica? This is a birthday present for my sister; her birthday was almost 3 weeks ago. It took us* all summer to decide on a yarn. [*”us” = me] […]

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