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Herbal revision July 9, 2006

Posted by merp in Gardening.

When last we saw my herb patch, it looked like this.

One month later, it still pretty much looked like that (except that the marigold was no longer blooming).

See, when I selected the spot, it appeared to be sunny, but neglected to think of the trees, and how they get leaves in the summer. Turns out that, with leaves, it never gets direct sunlight. And that means your herbs do not grow. Which makes the heading of that June post somewhat ironic.

So my 4th of July project was to completely revise my gardening strategy.

My herbs are now at the back of the building where they get both morning and afternoon sun (and noon shade, but I think it’s good enough):

And in the patch in front I put in a bunch of shade plants: impatiens, begonias, perilla, and dead nettle:

In so doing, I cut the patch in half and transferred some of the topsoil & mulch around the corner to a curb-side patch that gets some sun, and that’s where I put the marigolds and nasturtiums:

We’ll see how it does.


1. Alice Keller - July 13, 2006

Your herbs should be much happier now, not to mention more flavorful. My rosemary and bay are getting muscles, and I’ve just bought my second starts of basil. Aphids and cool nights withered the first ones, but these are looking and smelling grand.

I love dead nettle (except for the name), but I’m especially partial to the one I have — variegated leaves with sweet little light pink flowers. I bought some more to add to planters, but would like to spread it around elsewhere . . . maybe at my next house.

2. To bed for the winter « merp - November 16, 2007

[…] Possibly not the rosemary. But the sage, oregano, and chives were planted in spring 2006, later moved to pots, and are still going strong at the new […]

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