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Pisco Passes! July 3, 2006

Posted by merp in Pisco!.

…two things, actually: an exam and a watch band!

Here’s Pisco, AKC Canine Good Citizen, proudly modelling his Moongazer medal.

This was the culmination of a 6-week course, our 3rd at Moongazer. The actual obedience commands were not hard – the puppies had basically learned them in previous classes. But how they were done was much harder.

For one thing, no Gentle Leaders allowed. This meant a lot of Pisco spinning out of control on the neck collar, lunging and snapping when the mood struck, until we got some skills and he got used to it. Even then, there was constant pulling, and it’s such a relief for all parties to be back on the Gentle Leader now that the exam’s over.

Another challenge was that “down-stay” had to be done without a tether and with the examiner standing right next to the dog as the owner walks several feet away. Ultimately, Pisco aced this, but it was a hard road.

The biggest challenge of all was being handled by other people, in several meet-and-greet and grooming exercises. Pisco just sucks at this and frankly, we passed based on my good handling, not his good behavior.

Everything else was basically fine, and the “heel, left, right, sit, etc.” pattern was a breeze from the beginning – Pisco probably could have done it backwards on his hind feet (there’s an idea).

The very same day as the test (last Monday), Pisco also ate a watch band much like this – or pieces of one:

My mom was home with him and had left her watch on the coffee table, it not having occurred to her that a watch could be a tempting snack. Funny how owning a puppy will change you; I now automatically think of things like watches as potential foodstuffs. Anyhow, she soon came upon Pisco ingesting her watch with focused pleasure and stopped him before he got further than a few links of the watchband (thank goodness).

The watch was an inexpensive one, so no harm done there. But there are consequences to such an indulgence, even for Entrails-of-Steel Dog. We called the vet and watched for signs of shock or blockage all week, but Pisco suffered nothing more than an irritated anus, and finally passed the missing links on Friday.

You will be happy to see that I decided against posting (or taking) a picture of his inflamed anus.

Instead…a sleepy dog is a good dog.

Here is is under the futon/sofa, his favorite place to be in the evenings. Soon, though, he’ll be too big. Already, it’s a thumping, wriggling struggle to get in or out.



1. David Virshup - July 7, 2006

Thank you for not posting the physical findings. We are relieved to hear the happy ending to the story! Perhaps he should stick to cauliflower.

2. Alice Keller - July 13, 2006

It was amazing to discover P. munching away on the metal watchband with such obvious relish.

I’ve now replaced it with a leather one (for all of $6.00). I’m sure he’d really go for this one!

The timepiece part of the watch was undamaged, and I’m so relieved that Pisco’s digestive tract seems to be, too.

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