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A caulifloral Sunday dinner July 2, 2006

Posted by merp in Champaign-Urbana, Food.

This is the dinner I made for my mother last Sunday. She had just arrived for a visit of a few days. It was actually my birthday (she took me out for brunch), but hers is just a few days later, so we tend to celebrate both at the same time.

Clockwise from top:

Fresh beet greens, both from our garden and from the Farmer’s Market, stir-fried in olive oil with mustard seed and fresh Walla Walla Sweet onions, also from the FM. Great flavor, but too salty.

Mashed yukon gold potatoes, with the skins left on. Potatoes small and flavorful, from the co-op (probably Washington-grown). Steamed them instead of boiling them. Had lost my potato masher behind the stove, so pressed them through the holes in the bottom of the steamer – probably more artful that way anyway. Mashed them with mushroom broth, salt and pepper, and added fresh rosemary from my herb patch out front.

Purple cauliflower from the FM, marinated in red wine vinegar and fresh basil from my windowsill. And probably other stuff, too, but I don’t remember what.

Chioggia beets from the FM (greens of which stir-fried, above), pickled in balsamic vinegar, raspberry vinegar, and wildflower honey, with little ginger.

Romanesca cauliflower from the FM, marinated in lime juice and fresh oregano from our garden, and some other stuff.

Pumpkin seed-parmesan flatbread (Dr. Kracker’s) with brie, both from the co-op.

I had no plan for this dinner – I just bought what I liked at the market and pretty much improvised it on the spot. So it turned out well for that.

For dessert, Mom had a dark chocolate walnut cupcake and I had a slice of chocolate raspberry mousse chocolate cake from Pekara.

Aaron was out of town, and the animals had kibble.

…And on another food topic, trans-fats are really, really bad! Thanks Harlan! (Poor kitty.)



1. Mickey - July 9, 2006

Happy belated birthday, Birthday Twin!

Damn, that looks so good. I can’t get anywhere near that variety of veg anymore, which makes me sad. May have to move south again.

2. merp - July 9, 2006

Danes aren’t into vegetal variety? Or is it just the short growing season?

3. merp - July 9, 2006

And thank you for the birthday wishes! Happy birthday to you, too!

4. Alice Keller - July 13, 2006

As the other person at the table that day (didn’t help to prepare it, though), I must say that it was all yummy. Likewise for the leftovers the next day.

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