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Seven Months! June 22, 2006

Posted by merp in Pisco!.

What a good boy.

Pisco passed the 7-month mark last Saturday. He keeps getting bigger, and believe it or not, he’s mellowing. Which isn’t to say he’s mellow.

He’s also developing Interests.

Pisco is into chewing:

Fortunately, developing a consistent preference for rawhide over shoes. This is the last scrap of his very first rawhide – took maybe 2 mos. to get through?? He takes a delicate approach.

Also into scents, a newer pursuit:

Sniffing the ground with utter absorption at every possible opportunity. Often a priority over relieving himself. Which can be deeply irritating.

Although he’s still a freak when he meets people who aren’t us, at home he’s pretty chill. We can now just let him wander around the apt. unsupervised when we’re home. He’ll just find himself a good spot and a piece of rawhide and settle down for a long chew. Or watch the people going by and alert us to especially suspicious or delightful ones.



1. Mickey - June 23, 2006

Awww… he’s so cute. I just love the close-up where you can see how soft and fluffy his fur looks. I just want to pet him to pieces.

I saw a 3-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog pup on the street with its owner yesterday. When I stopped to pet the dog, I had to ask the owner if the dog was what I thought it was, and how old it was. The puppy was already unbelievably huge (though definitely puppyish — huge feet and fluffy fur), and I could hardly believe my eyes. I’ve seen a few full-grown BMDs before, but never a puppy. Wow…

2. merp - June 23, 2006

Yes, he is an exceptionally fluffy dog. Very soft, especially after a bath.

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