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Doggie Paradise June 11, 2006

Posted by merp in Animules, Champaign-Urbana, Pisco!.

We’ve finally taken Pisco to the dog park. It’s awesome.

It’s out at the edge of Urbana – which is not that far from the center of Urbana – in a piece of forest preserve. The dogs have tons of fenced area to run around in, a kiddie pool, a doggie-sized drinking fountain, a shared bin of tennis balls &c.

And they have each other.

This is one of Pisco’s friends from puppy class at Moongazer – we just happened to run into her there. She’s been in the same class with us for 3 sessions now, and is the same age as Pisco, and now Pisco is as big as she is (finally). But they never get to play in obedience class, so they were really excited to finally get to know each other at the park.

We had this moratorium on Pisco rough-housing with other dogs for a couple months, but now he seems to at least make distinctions: he’s more cautious – keeping his ears flat and his body low – around the older, bigger dogs (though never shy!) – he runs around with them but doesn’t try to wrestle. He doesn’t wrestle the little dogs much, either. And he runs up to people, but only to greet them perfunctorily, often doesn’t even jump on them. It’s only with puppies about his size that he goes all out. That seems fine. He’s definitely improving.


1. David Virshup - June 11, 2006

A fine specimen of a dog!

2. v - June 22, 2006

I hear Pisco’s Big Day is coming up, and I just want to wish him lots of luck. Make sure he eats well that morning. I hope you’re not putting to much pressure on him to achieve. He’s still very young, you know.

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