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Pacific Northwest Cardigan June 3, 2006

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

So unseasonal.

And it’s been done for a week, but too hot even to model it. Now it’s cooled down a little, so here it is! Finally!


The pattern was imaginatively called “neck-down v-neck raglan cardigan.” Sexie. So I’m calling it my “Pacific Northwest Cardigan” to better express its character. You know, greenish and fuzzy, like the moss on a damp tree trunk. Perfect for chilly days, but not much good for a deep freeze.


Here it is blocking:


Pattern: Neckdown V-Neck Shaped Cardigan
Yarn: Lionbrand Woolease, in Forest Green Heather. Got it half-price at Joann years ago. Liked it a lot – much more than I expected.
Needles: 6 circular and dpn
Modifications: Nothing more than changing the length of the body and sleeves slightly to fit.
Assessment: Great pattern! So simple, no seaming. I will wear this a lot.

And here’s an oddity to my knitting. I discovered when I switched from knitting back and forth (on circulars) to knitting in the round for the sleeves (on dpns) that I had been twisting all my knit stitches. Could not figure out how to twist them for the sleeves, so there’s this shift at the shoulder. Also I have no idea if I’ve always twisted them or if I somehow short-circuited and started twisting them at some point. It was one of those Escher moments for the mind.



Here are a couple of tiny projects I made last month, too:

Bookmark for Grandma.

Cotton facecloth.



1. Mickey - June 4, 2006

The cardi is lovely! Remember that ultra-lumpy crocheted sweater I had made out of Lion Homespun, without benefit of pattern? It was just too huge and lumpy, despite its snuggliness, after my recent weight-loss, so I decided to recycle the yarn. Since it’s a… what the hell do you call it? Not boucle, but it’s wavy, so I didn’t even have to wash and re-stretch the fibers, just had to disassemble it and use my mother-in-law’s doodad for turning skeins into balls of yarn.

Anyway, now I’m knitting it, into Sweetness from the Spring 2003 Knitty. It’s still not going to be the prettiest thing in the world, and I’m learning that chunky yarns on chunky girls doesn’t look so hot, but it’s going to be my keeping-warm-at-home sweater, so I don’t mind. As soon as I’m done with my paper, I’ll get back to work on putting Mariposa together, since it might finally decide to be summer again (we had summer for two weeks in early May, but then it went back to spring, or worse, on to fall!).

Anyway, lovely FOs!

2. Kelly - June 6, 2006

Ooooh, I love it! Perfect title, too.

3. merp - June 6, 2006

Thanks! Do you know about Big Girl Knits, Mickey? Looking forward to seeing your Mariposa!

4. Mickey - June 10, 2006

Yes, I ordered a copy, and after reading through it once, promptly handed it off to my friend Inge because I was in the midst of exams and have a project backlog I’m trying to cut down as well. But I’m sure I’ll get it back eventually.

The only problem (for me) with Big Girl knits, is that I like knitting to be a somewhat brainless activity I can do while watching tv or movies, and Big Girl knits’ patterns (which, admittedly, look very good on the Big Girl models) have a lot of shaping, which requires thought.

I really ought to finish assembling the Mariposa soon. Sewing seams annoys me, especially since I’m self-taught and forget to slip my first stitch, which makes doing mattress stitch harder (live and learn), so I’ve sort of put it off of late.. Sweetness is knitted in the round, and joined on the fly, so I’m loving it. I’ve already got about 10 inches on the body and half of one sleeve. Of course, it helps that a) I’ve been doing just about nothing but zonking out and knitting lately and b) it’s knitted on 6mm needles.

Are you going to enter the Knitty calendar contest? I’m thinking I’ll push to get at least Mariposa done soon, and try to finish Sweetness before the deadline, and have Lars find some interesting way to photograph me in them.

5. Diana - December 3, 2007

My friend’s mom used to make her a dishcloth that looked like this but she’s dead now and my friend doesnt know hot to knit. I finally found this picture of yours.

Would you mind sharing the pattern with me. If so emailing it would be great.

Thank you

6. Where Are They Now? PNW Cardigan « merp - April 27, 2008

[…] made this in the winter and spring of 2006, and hoped it would be my first wearable sweater for myself. By then, I’d knitted two sweater […]

7. elbistanlı - November 23, 2008

güzel bir haftaya başlaman dileğiyle hayırlı geceler canım..

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