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Garden update June 3, 2006

Posted by merp in Gardening.



It’s growing!
(romaine lettuce and mesclun mix in the foreground)

We’ve added shiny things to scare away the birds (who were eating the peas), mulch to keep away the bugs and the dryness, and lots more plants.

We had a scare with the first batch of tomato and pepper seedlings we put out a couple of weeks ago when they bleached and shriveled in the hot sun. But they’ve rallied, and the batch we put out today had been carefully and properly hardened first.

(3 kinds of hot peppers, 1 sweet pepper, 4 kinds of heirloom tomatoes. Eggplant in the foreground and background right, catnip behind that, lettuce along the right.)

The cucumbers are doing very well, already blooming. And the tiraziroh greens behind we’re already harvesting.

After working in the big veg garden with Jenny, I finally planted all my seedlings in my herb patch at home. Photos later, provided the squirrels don’t dig it all up.



1. Cory - June 4, 2006

The garden looks great! What varieties of heirloom tomatoes are you growing?

2. merp - June 5, 2006

I believe we’ve got garden peach, green zebra, brandywine, and one other….

And for chiles, we’re growing espanola, rio grande, and “extra hot.” Also buran sweet peppers.

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