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Summer Boarder June 2, 2006

Posted by merp in Animules, fernando, Pisco!.

Yes, folks, we have Fernando for the summer. Or at least part of it. Phoenix House is full of sublettors till August and they wanted someone known to take care of him.

Having not left Phoenix House in nearly 5 years except to go to the vet, Fernando’s not exactly comfortable with the situation. He prefers to wedge himself in the closet for now.

Pisco, meanwhile, topped 40 lbs today! (That’s a gain of 5 lbs this week. No wonder he’s been so sleepy.)
He’s getting a little big for his boxes.


1. Mickey - June 3, 2006

Yay, Fernando! How’s he doing otherwise?

2. merp - June 5, 2006

He seems fine. Same old noisy Fernando, with the singing and the demands. A little bony though–I wonder how much they’ve been feeding him. As of today (Monday) he’s totally adapted, reasserted some mild dominance over Fritz (too bad, but probably inevitable), made himself at home. He and Pisco have met, but oddly don’t acknowledge each other. Fine with us! But we’ve so far managed to keep them apart when Pisco’s at his most exuberant.

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