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Lace for Mother’s Day May 19, 2006

Posted by merp in FOs, Knitting.

Now that they have been received, I can show off my latest projects!

For my mother, a Dayflower Scarf:


Yarn: handpainted yarn, laceweight, in emerald, knitted 2 strands together. Maybe 400 yards/half a hank?
Needles: #2
Gauge: no idea. Much smaller than the pattern, of course, so did it double-wide.
Pattern: Dayflower Scarf by Toni Maddox & Barbara Walker.
Loved this pattern. So pretty, and very addictive. Also liked doubling up on the laceweight – since there are subtle color variations in the yarn, and the colors of 2 strands will never match up exactly, there’s a sort of highlighting effect.

Why blocking is important:
before blocking…
noblock while blocking…dayblock

For my sister (not my mother, but a mother), a Tiger-eye scarf:


Yarn: Austermann Peru (alpaca) in Palace Blue. Fingering weight or sportweight, not sure which. Used approx. 3 skeins leftover from T.’s guernsey sweater.
Needles: #4
Pattern: Tiger-Eye Scarf, also by Toni Maddox & Barbara Walker. Also a great pattern.


I loved making these. I’d like to make versions of both for myself.



1. Mickey - May 19, 2006

Are your edges in seed stitch or something else?

I’m almost done with Mariposa (from the Spring 2005 Knitty)! I finished off the last strap today, and did the first side seam.

2. merp - May 19, 2006

Good for you! The edges are in garter stitch, just 3 stitches on either side of the pattern to keep it from curling.

3. Alice Keller - May 19, 2006

From the recipient of one of these scarves —
Really very beautiful, so delicate, and it’s true that the color is quite unusual, not a shade that lends itself to a particular name. Sort of tealish, as you can see, but also elusive. I should just hang it up for the summer so I can enjoy looking at it! For the moment, I’ve wrapped it up again to keep it safe from 2 curious cats.

The yarn FEELS wonderful, too!

Gratefully, Tanya’s mom

4. v - May 22, 2006

I *LOVE* my scarf. Will send you pics soon.
Must tell you about this exchange when I tried it on:

TEYO: OH NO!! Mama, why you WEAR dat?
ME: The scarf? Because it’s pretty.
TEYO (very gravely): Because it’s a monkey scarf.

[It was sometime later that I realized he was thinking of his knit monkey’s vest, made from the same yarn…]

5. merp - May 22, 2006

Your welcome, both of you! Yeah, obviously I bought *way* too much alpaca yarn for T last fall, but now you can all match! Mama, T, and Monkey. Sorry there’s not enough for something for NattyG!

T has quite the eye for fashion. 🙂

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