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Zoom! May 18, 2006

Posted by merp in Pisco!.



1. v - May 22, 2006

i love this picture!!

my dog is the un-zoomiest. i took her to the dog park this weekend (while K loitered in the human park w T) and expected her to immediately zoom around llike every dog i’ve ever known. instead, she spent the first 10 min or so crouched in the corner, with her tail glued to her belly, absolutely terrified of the enormous, exuberant, not-taking-a-hint lab mix who was desperate to play with her. there is a retaining wall on one side about chest-high to me, with a fence on top of it. i know she loves to jump, so i got her to jump up on the wall (very impressive and cat-like) and that gave her a little confidence. then when i started playing with the lab mix she finally got into the spirit and started to tentatively sort of zoom around with him. but not really. too much zoom and she’d be cowering again. i have noted on our walks that she is consistently afraid of big dogs and just adores little dogs. i don’t think she’d really love pisco.

2. merp - May 22, 2006

No, Pisco would probably horrify her. But I’ll bet her confidence will grow the longer she lives with you.

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