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Boing! May 17, 2006

Posted by merp in Champaign-Urbana, Gardening, Pisco!.

A new challenge:


He hasn’t caught it mid-air yet, but he’s obviously going to do fine.

And, with a mild improvement in the weather, I’m back into gardening. After the April heat wave, when it topped 80 for a few days, we plummeted back into the 40s and 50s for a depressingly Seattley May. We even had to turn the heat back on.

I’ve had a few seedlings in our kitchen window (most of them are at Jenny’s place), and they’ve barely grown. Here they are 2 weeks ago, only slightly bigger now (fino verde basil, calendula, sweet basil, kkaeng-nip, echinacea, garlic chives):


But yesterday and today it finally started getting pleasant with, you know, sunshine and stuff. So I went out at lunchtime to put some seedlings in the ground.

You remember my herb patch? I finished the brick edging and mulching weeks ago, then planted parsley, cilantro, and bunching green onion seeds. Here it is today, after I planted some of the seedlings from my window, as well as a few (much healthier) seedlings from the Champaign-Urbana Herb Society Annual Plant Sale:


I hope it will get enough sun.

You can see dixie cup tops I used to mark the seeds I planted directly, and also purchased sage and tarragon plants. More purchased plants – Cretan oregano, dill, and lemon thyme (from a friend):


And here’s one of my baby bunching onions!


I wish I had grown this:


The real gardener around here is Mike next door. Our apt. building is one of a pair and over the years, Mike has grown a beautiful tangle of flowers and herbs in front of the other building. He’s also planted a few things on our side, the shadier side, including these gorgeous irises, next to what is now my herb patch.

Mike’s side, viewed from our side:


This weekend, we’ll put out the tomatoes and peppers in the big garden!



1. v - May 22, 2006

i bought green onion seeds @ the korean grocery, per your suggestion, and then apparently lost them. 😦
and with no car, who knows when i will be at a korean grocery again. (one thing i miss very very much about the old hood.)

its just as well, since T has appropriated the big pot i had planned to use for the gr onions, and plants his choo-choos there on a daily basis. (but always pulls them up before they can take root.)

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[…] and should winter over. Possibly not the rosemary. But the sage, oregano, and chives were planted in spring 2006, later moved to pots, and are still going strong at the new […]

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