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Fritz is the Man. May 7, 2006

Posted by merp in Animules, Fritz!, Pisco!.

Meanwhile, in Fritz news, with the coming of spring, he is a new man. Cat.


All winter long, he just sleeps, walks around occasionally, complains that there’s no food and sleeps again. But kind of like me, once the windows are opened he’s up, he’s around, he’s talking, he’s watching, he’s playing mind games on the dog.

He wanted to go outside so badly, Aaron tried him on the leash a few times. Mainly, he just wants to roll on the concrete.

But he enjoyed some roaming, too. We find that leashes don’t work well with the safety release cat collars, though. And one evening he got out on his own and apparently spent most of the night having satisfying adventures.

He is no longer the least bit afraid of Pisco. Pisco, of course, still finds him a tasty snack (though he never actually harms him), so you would think Fritz would avoid him, or at least run away after we rescue him from a round of biting. But no, he invariable hangs around to see if it’ll happen again.

It’s like two brothers. Fritz is all, “Dare ya to bite me, I dare ya.” Pisco’s like, “OK!” (cuz what else would he say). Then Fritz is all, “Oh, oh, help! He’s biting me!” We break this up several times a day.

But every now and then, there are moments of peaceful coexistence. They sat like this, both dozing, for a good hour last week:

There’s another winkflash album up now; email me for the password, or just guess it.



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