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Aaron whips up breakfast April 30, 2006

Posted by merp in Drink, Food.

“So, how about eggs and sausage?” I suggest. Rifling through the cupboards, I find a bag of potatoes, slightly squishy and sprouting. “Maybe some potatoes, too?”

Aaron buys the bread at Strawberry Fields while I walk the dog, and when P. and I get back, “eggs and sausage” has become a four-burner affair – boiling, sizzling, knives flying, profanity and cries of dismay. I am prevailed upon to poach the eggs in the microwave. I volunteer to slice a mango as well, but mostly Pisco and I stay clear. It’s a little dangerous in there and I have no idea what he’s doing.

Less than an hour later, we have this:


Gouda and spinach sherry sauce over poached eggs on seeded sourdough baguette rounds (still warm from the bakery), garnished with parsley, and served with garlic hashbrowns, Morningstar Farms vegetarian sausage links, and half a mango. And of course Revolution Roast coffee from Just Coffee (absolute favorite roast, Peruvian, as it turns out).

That was one tasty breakfast.

Aaron also brewed five gallons of English Pale Ale last night.


1. vanessa - May 4, 2006

HOLY FUCK. Where can I get one of these kinda boyfriends? Is there a catalog, website, etc? Do they make a female version?

2. David Virshup - May 8, 2006

We have a special recipe.

3. David Virshup - May 8, 2006

p.s. there is junior version complete with profanity and red gold hair out here in Utah, but he needs obedience training first. And puberty. We will do lay away.

4. evelyn virshup - May 9, 2006

But’ it’ll cost you!! We’re working on two models, actually 3, guaranteed adorable, and sometimes they clean up, too. Will accept checks.

5. merp - May 18, 2006

I should insist that mine is an original; accept no imitations. Except that you have to because he’s taken. Glad the project continues, however. The nation will eat better for it.

6. Alice Keller - May 19, 2006

Since giving my kids a start with cooking (I may have actually given them some initial training in what good food tastes like, at times when I felt especially guilty and/or dutiful) and sending them off to feed themselves (and sometimes me), I’ve pretty much given up on it.

After my last “boyfriend” (can’t we have a better word for middle-aged folks?) became history, I resolved that the next one would have to love to cook since I don’t.

I see few cooking husbands or partners among my female peers, so I believe there’s little danger of ever having another “manfriend” hanging around the house.

But Tanya is SO fortunate!

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