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FOiled again April 29, 2006

Posted by merp in Knitting, Pisco!.

So remember that green cardigan? Right. Took me, what, 6 weeks to knit the body and one sleeve? Took me 6 weeks again just to finish the second sleeve – involving 2 mid-sleeve frogs, one all the way back to the armpit. And yet Finished Object we have not:


The second sleeve is 10 stitches wider than the first sleeve! Aargh! From here on out it’s sleeveless or one-sleeved sweaters only.

Meanwhile, here’s Pisco, using his new height (his shoulder is now as high as Aaron’s knee) to enjoy the spring view:


This was earlier this week, I suppose. Last night, instead of watching a movie, we all had Fun with Barf! as Pisco threw up the entire contents of his stomach all over the apartment, not neglecting the bed. Some sort of doggy 24-hour flu, I suppose, as he’s fine today.



1. vanessa - May 4, 2006

Wow, he’s getting big! Or, as Teyo would say, “SO big! VEWY big! RERRY RERRY big! TOO big, mama!” Lots of Fun with Adverbs! around here these days.

Sorry about the barf, glad to hear it passed quickly.

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